The Music Truth Campaign - Sobering Fact #1

Everytime you illegally download a track, you kill another one.

There is NO budget to develop new artists in 90% of the Indies.
Labels, on average, have reduced their staff by 50% in the last 5 years.
It only takes 5000 sales of a single on average to enter the top 30. (It used to be at least 30,000)
The last Motorhead album reached #30 on sales of 3500 (1st week sales).
If you sell 200 copies of a CD from a new artist, you've done well.
You only need sales of 650 singles to enter the Top 75 (1st week sales).

Sobering enough?



A Note About Frenchy and Sobering Music Facts.
Frenchy contributed this sobering fact from Linkedin (Music Industry Group).
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