Merging the Live Music Space. Problem or Solution?!

Over the past year we have been on a quest to comprehensively define the many problems involved in the current economic music crisis. We have it all nailed down except a unified answer as it concerns the live music space. This is the final unsolved piece to the puzzle. With the recent merger of Ticketmaster & Live Nation, I thought it appropriate to open up the floor for debate.

Do you see Ticketmaster & Live Nation creating problems or solutions? Do you see other major problems in the live music space? Please pitch in your expert thoughts and opinions.


Dear Live Nation & Ticketmaster,
Congratulation on your recent merger! No one will deny the genius of your business models. At the Restoring Music Foundation, we would like to offer a short thought to whomever it may concern.

You are now officially THE live player in this important music space. Please don't abuse your power, be fair and use your market control for the greater good. Be good to your customers and be fair to independent artists.

Cheers to music,