Dear Music Industry,

If there is anything worth saving it is MUSIC.  I would hope that we are all in this business because we are behind this notion.  With this in mind, we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to introduce you to The Restoring Music Foundation.  Our mission is to restore the value of music within the supply chain, but particularly in the minds of the consumers.  This is the first annual letter we plan to write concerning The Restoring Music Foundation's progress towards this important mission.  We make no disillusion to the loftiness of our goal, but rather reconcile the fact that "for every problem there is already a solution."  We understand that where there is a crisis, there must be a cohesive and calculated action plan for restoration.

The Three Legs of the The Restoring Music Foundation's Restoration Strategy.

  1. To provide awareness for the music industry crisis and facilitate a change movement.
  2. To write and carry out a comprehensive restoration plan aimed at creating opportunities for everyone.
  3. To build an infrastructure for industry growth by incubating new music startups/models in line with the Foundation's goals and by educating the next generation of listeners about the value of music.

There is more music available than ever.  The ability for anyone to easily produce music at low cost coupled with an increase in available distribution channels, makes scarcity and control of music a thing of the past.  This is compounded by the proliferation of online piracy, that has made a significant dent in the revenues of the music business over the past decade.  Competing with "free" music is a challenge.  This has resulted in a devaluing of music, which has affected every stakeholder in the supply chain, from the record company to the musician.  This devaluation is the central reason for the Restoring Music Foundation.

In 2009 we defined the economic crisis in the music space with the help of our wonderful network of industry supporters.  We want to personally thank all of you that pitched in your opinions and helped us ask the big questions.  The campaign was a massive success and it was all because of you.  We hope you will continue to stay involved in the ongoing Restoring Music Dialogue.  Thanks again!

Here at The Restoring Music Foundation, our goal is to create and implement solutions to the crisis and in turn, create an economically sustainable road map for the restoration of the music industry. You can get a quick overview of  some of our councils innovations in 2009 over in our Innovation Section.  We have seen some amazing new technologies emerge in the past few years that we believe to be essential components of the restoration process.  We have much to be thankful for and we have nowhere to go but up.

Value is the main factor in which we will focus our attack.  Thoughts are a tricky thing, if there is a perception of value we WILL buy something.  We can all drink water for free out of a faucet, however we WILL buy bottled water.  The reason for this is the value proposition that says that this water will be clean and refreshing.  The same principals apply with music.  The fact is, the choice to download or steal music is based upon the honors system and the only way to fix this problem is to turn on big brother and violate privacy.  Therefore we must aim our attack not at battling the behavior, but instead at battling public thought. 

To help achieve the Foundation's goals, we are currently recruiting a Council of thought leaders to aid in writing and carrying out the restoration plan.   The Council will house leaders in the major music spaces as well as in many other industries, as to aid in the overall effectiveness of the project, and bring together perspectives from other industry champions.  We will publish updates on the Council as things move forward.  In addition we will be incubating new startups and universal business models all year long that fall squarely in line with the Foundation's mission, so please be sure to check back for updates.

At the Restoring Music Foundation we will continue to provide progressive education for the professional community, the musician, and the listener.  Make no mistake, it will take us awhile to bring about the kind of movement we need to truly tip things back in the right direction, but we are all in this for the long haul and we all share a common purpose.  Why not work together and ensure we reach our goal? It is like a star, the more density in a unit the stronger the gravitational pull.  In the end, the recording industry is all about consumer gravity anyhow.  We might as well unite for restoration. 

“The true battle ground is in our minds.
We must all commit to change our thinking, we must unite to restore."
- IAMwe Music

Best wishes,

Chris Purifoy and Philip E. Daniels
Co-founders of The Restoring Music Foundation


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