Can the Marriage of Internet and Music Survive?

"Everytime you illegally download a track, you kill another one" (fill in the blank with ANYONE who makes money in the field of music).  This is a SERIOUS dilemma considering that NO ONE values music today.  It is no one person or groups fault that the public opinion shifted in this direction, but nevertheless here we are 10 years after the market was freed by Napster (1999), and the general global consensus feels no remorse for pirating music.  Let us just say this fire is out of control.

What can be done when the whole process of buying or stealing music is based on the honors system?  There must be a STRONG catalyst to force public opinion back in the other direction.   The true question we need to ask is, how do we give listeners a reason to value music again?   Artists, record execs, retailers, and fans must be willing to have an open mind to the general consensus for change.  Everyone who listens to music is responsible for fixing it.  That means YOU!  It will take some time, but change is within reach. 

Under crisis the solutions must be easy for everyone involved in the transition to understand. The solutions must present a radical change from normal patterns. They must be loud enough to force everyone to turn their heads and take notice because it is going to take everyone agreeing on the notion of change to truly make a difference.  Most importantly, we must all learn to be servants as well as capitalists and consumers.  We truly believe that in the end it all boils down to that.