The RMF is a Los Angeles based non-profit corporation operating in LA, NY, and Nashville.
It was founded on the notion that for every problem there is already a solution.  When a crisis occurs a council of thought leaders is appointed to define the problems, develop a recovery strategy, and carryout a comprehensive action plan for restoration. The RMF was created for this very purpose as well as to create a hothouse where the sharing of remarkable thoughts and ideas can create positive changes in society and within the music industry. 

Reconstruction Goals:
1. To start and lead a global dialogue for the purpose of solving the 16 problems listed in the music crisis document and the discovery of the new music paradigm.
2. To organize the music community into one cohesive unit joined together to solve the problems (thought leaders, startups, orgs, artists, brands, and campaigns).
3. To provide international education and awareness about the music industry crisis and the reconstruction effort (targets: kids, teens, adults, music pros, artists).

The RMF's mission is to restore the value of music all across the supply chain and provide new models and innovations that can aid in the reconstruction process of the industry of music.  Using think tanks and innovation, our greatest mission is to discover the new music paradigm.  The RMF is committed to becoming the infrastructure upon which the new music ecosystem can be built - technology, methods, members, knowledge and action.

Our vision is the same that was born on the streets of Tin Pan Alley, a sustainable industry for entertainment and music.  Our vision is for a recording industry with repaired business models and enough revenue to gamble on art projects and bring new acts to the mainstream that rival the legends of the past.  Let us not forget that Bob Dylan was known as John Hammond's folly and it changed the face of music forever.   Most importantly, however, is our vision for a world where musicians can support themselves AND save for their families with only their art.  This world once existed and it will again, our intent is to be the bridge into this new sustainable music space.
Cornerstone for Reconstruction - The Music Industry Crisis Document, 8th Ed: